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yep, i'm a mom with a camera

i'm a mom.. of four.. four wonderfully awesome kids.. they are what's most important to me.. and their dad, tom.. he's at the top of my list.. i adore them..  we live in St. Johns, Florida.. we moved here in November 2017.

in 2006, i started my business - as a sort of escape from my little people.. as a way to have my own thing so i didn't lose myself.. a kind of therapy you could say... the relationships and friendships I've made since starting my business are amazing...  i've loved watching families grow.. watching the kid's personalities develop.. seeing how the families change..  

for a few years, I worked way too much and missed a lot of our oldest three kids being super little.. we had the opportunity to move to Wichita, Kansas and that allowed me to step back from what had become a full time photography business and put my family first..  day to day is crazy busy - most of my work is done around our family time.. I'm finally learning to balance work and home - and it is working... mostly..

now that we are living near family (fabulous in-laws who can help with the kids).. i can start photographing more again locally!.. here .. in NE Florida!.. i love to travel - two or three times a year i venture far, far away and shoot families who ask me..