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so here's the deal - you can hire someone cheaper.. totally...

but.. what makes me, well me, - ya see.. it's not my job to take your picture.. anyone with a good camera can do that.. that's not why people hire me.. what i do best - the thing that is my job is to get your true expressions.. to make it as painless as possible.. to perhaps, even have you enjoy getting your pictures taken.. i love figuring out what gets your kids to smile.. or to trick them to stare with wide eyes in to my camera.. to get your husband to relax for a minute.. your wife to breathe and chill..  to get past that fake smile...  that is my job, to get to who you really are.. it is my job to get you to relax, let go a bit and to get your guard down and see you.. to get true smiles, true happiness, true interactions, moments. to capture your relationships.. the laughter, the excitement, adoration .. 

it's my job to see past the cute clothes and the perfect hair.. that shouldn't be the first thing you see in a picture.. well, not my pictures anyway.. sure, that adds to the image.. but it's not about the clothes

at a session, if i'm taking pics of your kids, i will probably ask you to step back a bit.. let me get the kids to play along.. i'll get it.. you relax - sit back, chill... let me hang out with your family for a while and i will get the images you are looking for.. that's why you hire me...

i don't send you home with a CD of 300 pictures to wade through and try to figure out which is best.. part of my job is to know which one is best.. which one best reflects what you are looking for... you will get about 30-40 images.. sometimes a few less, often times many more.. they will each be unique images..

you won't find heavy editing.. no selective color... no multiple image of the same-ish smile... and don't use flash.. i don't pose, but i will guide..

and.. i can tell you.. most people actually enjoy our sessions.. my best recommendations come from the husbands of the crazy stressed out wives (yes, i too turn in to one of these wives).. in the end, we usually have fun and I get everyone back to life after a lot of laughter.. and it goes by quickly...

sessions take place where ever you'd like.. home, out at a fun or pretty location - we can find an empty field and let your kids run around - it doesn't have to be too thought out... downtowns offer goregous session opportunities too.. 

if you are interested, contact me.. you don't have to have it all figured out yet.. just let me know what you think you might like and we will customize from there.